USA Today outtakes
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50+ outtakes from Saoirse’s last year USA Today shoot are now available for your viewing in the gallery.

Gallery Link:
2009 : Session 05 – USA Today (MQ)

New photoshoot and more photos from LA Press Con
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Gallery Link:
2009 : Session 14 (MQ)
12.05.09 : “The Lovely Bones” Los Angeles Press Conference (MQ)

New photoshoots
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I found two never seen photoshoots. Also, posted an interview with Saoirse.

Gallery Links:
2009 : Session 13 (MQ)
2010 : Session 05 – (MQ)

Saoirse Ronan turned 15 last April and runs on a different clock from the rest of us. She says she’s glad she didn’t start acting young, because it might have screwed her up and burnt her out. It’s not as if she began acting at, say, three or something. She waited ­until she was eight, which was more sensible, because when you reach “our age” (she includes me in this) you at least know what you’re doing, and in any case, things didn’t start getting weird until a few years ago, with the Oscar nomination. “So I’m glad I’m only really starting now,” she says firmly. “Because it means I can be seen as an actor as opposed to a child ­actor.” With that, she wriggles forward on the couch and begins eating her spaghetti bolognese lunch.

Ronan has a roiling Irish accent, gangly adolescent limbs and long, shampoo-ad hair that falls across her face. From time to time, mid-mouthful, she will refer to friends – Susan, Keira, ­Vanessa – and it takes a moment to realise that she means Sarandon, Knightley and Redgrave, all of whom she has worked with and grown close to. She was knee-high to a grasshopper when she landed a role in an Irish soap (The Clinic), and this led to her breakthrough performance as ­meddling Briony Tallis in Atonement, which in turn carried her to within touching distance of an Academy Award. Away from the cameras, she likes to sit around, watch the telly, maybe eat a bag of crisps. There is a river at the bottom of her ­garden where she swims in ­summer, and a family dog, ­Sassie, with which she plays all the time. ­Sometimes she hangs out with her mates; sometimes she plays basketball. “You know,” she says, “normal things.”

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Sisters in Cinema
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Gallery Link:
2010 : Session 04 – New York Times (MQ)

HANGING from a piece of twine around her neck was a small, green painted bone. “I call this my lovely bone,” said Rose McIver, the New Zealand actress who plays Saoirse Ronan’s sister in “The Lovely Bones.”

Ms. McIver, 22, had arrived at the Griffith Observatory here fashionably on time. That evening she would fly to New Zealand. She hoped it would be easier than entering the United States. “My fingerprints didn’t read on the machine because I’d used some really intense bleach at home,” she said. “At least I got the blood out of my carpet.”

The macabre has grown surprisingly commonplace to Ms. McIver and Ms. Ronan, the 15-year-old star of “The Lovely Bones.” Ms. Ronan, whose first name is pronounced “sur-sha,” plays Susie Salmon, the murder, rape and dismemberment victim who narrates the story after her death, from a lovely fantasy world filled with beautiful clouds, mountains and trees.

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Public Event and Photoshoots
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Saoirse attended The Kari Feinstein Golden Globes Style Lounge and photos have been already added to the gallery. Also, there are two new set of photoshoots. Enjoy!

Gallery Links:
01.14.10 : The Kari Feinstein Golden Globes Style Lounge – Day 1 (MQ)

Gallery Links:
2009 : Session 12

Gallery Links:
2010 : Session 03 (The Toronto Star)

Saoirse Ronan imagines there’s a heaven
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“I feel like a ’70s chick now,” quipped 15-year-old Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan, adding she loves the era’s music, a typical teen’s enthusiasm for the newly discovered in her voice.

The young Irish actress (her name is pronounced “Sur-shah,” but friends call her “Sursh”) with the arresting ice-blue eyes, immersed herself in the sounds of the mid-’70s for her role as 14-year-old murder victim Susie Salmon in The Lovely Bones.

The movie opens Friday.

The film, directed by The Lord of the Rings franchise helmer Peter Jackson, is set in 1973 Pennsylvania. It’s based on Alice Sebold’s 2002 bestseller about a girl who watches her family, and the neighbour who killed her, from the afterlife.

“Fleetwood Mac is one of my favourite bands,” Ronan said passionately as she curled up on a Yorkville hotel room couch with her co-star Rose McIver to talk about The Lovely Bones.

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Saoirse Ronan: It’s lonely playing a girl gone to heaven
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The Globe and Mail posted a new interview about Saoirse.

Gallery Link:
2010 : Session 02 (The Globe and Mail)

Saoirse Ronan is a special effect all by herself. She’s only 15 years old, and she looks it, dressed in jeans and a shrunken striped cardigan for an interview in Toronto on Thursday. Her limbs are long and skinny, her silky blond hair is a little staticky, and her oval face is pale and fine-boned. Born in New York but raised in Ireland – her first name, pronounced “Sur-shuh,” means “freedom,” and her father is the actor Paul Ronan ( Veronica Guerin ) – she speaks with a musical Irish accent that’s unlike any she has used on screen.

But it’s the look in her sky-blue, almond-shaped eyes that’s the real grabber: intelligence coupled with an old-soul otherworldliness. The combination made her perfect to play both Benji McGarvie, a Victorian-era con girl, in 2007′s Death Defying Acts , and Briony Tallis, a budding writer in Atonement (also 2007), which netted Ronan a best-supporting-actress Oscar nomination at age 13.

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Added a new set photoshoot which Saoirse had done during a promotion tour for The Lovely Bones.

Gallery Link:
2010 : Session 01

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Just found few more gorgeous outtakes of Saoirse from Black Book and Nylon. Also, Thanks to Kelly for sending me a new set photoshoot of Saoirse. Enjoy!

Gallery Link:
2009 : Session 09 (Black Book Magazine)

Gallery Link:
2009 : Session 11 (Nylon Magazine)

Gallery Link:
2009 : Session 10

The New Chameleon: Saoirse Ronan
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When Saoirse Ronan walks into the Old Poland Bakery in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood, the 15-year-old actress looks every bit the schoolgirl. That is, if she went to school. Since her Oscar-nominated performance in Atonement two years ago, Ronan has been too busy to attend regular classes. “I tried to go back recently,” she says, “but I felt like I was in a zoo. I felt like there were 20 kids crowding me, teasing me.”
Still, all things considered, Ronan’s life has been fairly normal. Her parents travel with her wherever she goes. She refuses to move to Hollywood and doesn’t much care for fame. “I try not to read much press about me,” she says in her sophisticated Irish brogue. “Most people are nice, but then you have really mean people who are like, ‘Who’s prettier: Saoirse or Dakota Fanning?’ I hate when they compare.”

This Christmas, Ronan co-stars in Peter Jackson’s adaptation of Alice Sebold’s bestselling novel The Lovely Bones, as the film’s brutally raped and murdered narrator. Ronan, who will also appear with Colin Farrell in The Way Back, Peter Weir’s upcoming war drama about escapees from a Siberian gulag, says it was difficult to film the scenes in which Susie looks over her family from the afterlife. “I was surrounded by a blue-screen most of the time, so I had no idea what Peter’s heaven was going to look like. My family is Catholic, but I don’t know if I believe in a god.” Before Ronan has the chance to get into her personal theology, her lunch arrives, and her otherworldly eyes light up. “I’m so excited!” she says, finally sounding her age. “I’ve never tried chicken noodle soup before.”

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