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Saoirse made an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show last week. Sorry for not updating this before.

Stay tuned, we will catch up with missing updates this weekend so stay tuned.

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Los Angeles Times releases their interview and a brand new photoshoot they did with Saoirse during “The Host” promotion today. We added the first outtake of the shoot in our gallery and you can read the interview below/inside.

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Photoshoots from 2013 > 2013: Session 08

Saoirse (pronounced SIR-sha, “like inertia”) Ronan plays an alien and a human in the same body in the new romantic sci-fi film “The Host,” based on a book by “Twilight” series author Stephenie Meyer. Ronan, who turns 19 in April, is already a seasoned thespian, with an Oscar nod for her performance in 2007’s “Atonement.”

Are you a fan of the “Twilight” vampire romance book and film series and its author, Stephenie Meyer? Is that what drew you to “The Host”?
Yes, that was definitely one of the draws for me to work with Stephenie. I had read the first “Twilight” book when I was 14 and really liked how clear she made something like first love and discovering yourself. I haven’t seen many of the films, to be honest — I think I saw the first one and the last one, but it was more the books that I liked.

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WhoWhatWear released their interview with Saoirse yesterday. You can read it below. We also added the photoshoot she did for the interview in our gallery.

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Photoshoots from 2013 > 2013: Session 07

At just 19 years old, Saoirse Ronan already has a more diverse resume than many actresses three times her age. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for Atonement (at 13!), played a brutally-murdered teen in The Lovely Bones, and starred as a steely young assassin in Hanna. Off-screen, the Irish beauty’s style is as eclectic as her film roles. Equally polished and edgy, Saoirse glams up the red carpet with ease and grace—and just the right amount of swagger. This month, she stars alongside fellow style star Diane Kruger in sci-fi romance The Host, based on the book by Twilight author Stephenie Meyer. She took a few minutes out of her time stateside to talk favorite costumes, prissy dressing, and worshiping Tilda Swinton.

WWW: What does it mean to you when you get into costume for a film?
SR: I think it’s a really important part of building a character. To have time with the costume designer and director before you begin shooting is wonderful. Sometimes you’re building a character from outside in, and you take in the physicality of the person you’re playing through your clothes. They’re a big part of who the person is.

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Saoirse made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday, you can (re)watch the interview below. We will add the screen captures as soon as possible.

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Saoirse made an appearance at Name Check from New York Post to promote “The Host“.

Actress Saoirse Ronan joins Name Check to talk about her new film “The Host,” from the creator of the “Twilight” series.

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The cast of “The Host” did another Google hangout, be sure to (re)watch it below.

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You can (re)watch Saoirse and Max’s Good Morning America interview from this morning below.

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Saoirse made an appearance on Access Hollywood Live to promote “The Host“. Be sure to watch it below.