The cast and director of Hanna were pleased with the decision to bring stunt man, Jeff Imada onboard. They discuss fighting techniques and avoiding the fabulous but overplayed Bourne fight sequences. Actor, Eric Bana talks in detail about getting the audience to feel the bond between his character and Hanna’s and joked about throwing punches at a girl. He emphasizes the imperativeness of drawing the audience in the relationships that is already embedded early in the movie and the relationships that evolve throughout the film. Director, Joe Wright reminisces about the use of his renowned tracking shots in previous movies as well as Hanna.

Eric Bana: Yeah Jeff is amazing, he’s very unique. Every fight coordinator has his own style. Jeff’s is pretty crazy but very, very specific. Uhm Saoirse and I are really lucky that Joe was able to grab him because he’s a very inspiring guy. Makes it fun too, you know makes your hard work filled with fun. [AO Comment: The question arises about the numerous fight scenes between father and daughters training sections. They had discussed the fight scenes earlier in the day. Eric jokingly depicting Saoirse stereotypically fighting like a “girl”, including texting angrily on a phone. Eric first started out as a stand-up-comedian in the comedy series Full Frontal. His good looks and good sense of humor meld well together.]

Interviewer: Your father and daughter in the film, but you actually have fight scenes because your character, Eric has been training Hanna all her life to be, you know lethal and everything. So what’s it like fist cuffing with each other?

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