OSCAR-nominee Saoirse Ronan may be only 16 — but she must be the hardest working teenager in showbiz.

The Carlow native, who has been involved in four movies over the past two years, has revealed how she has no idea when she’ll get to take any time off as she’s so in-demand right now.

She told the Herald: “It’s a funny thing because unless you say ‘I’m going to take a break for a year’, you’re not really sure when it’s going to happen. I’m doing bits and bobs for now and I have to do press for a film I have coming out in April called Hanna.

” I have no holidays planned but maybe I’ll have a bit of the summer off, I’m looking forward to just chilling out.”

The talented actress was recently rumoured to have been nabbed by Peter Jackson for his next Lord of the Rings blockbuster, The Hobbit, but she is keeping her cards close to the chest on being given the part of woodland elf Itaril.

She said: “Nothing’s been confirmed yet but hopefully I’ll be doing something soon.”

She has spent the past two weeks at home in Ireland as she continues to enjoy her wave of success, picking up her fifth accolade from the Irish Film and TV Awards (IFTAs), for her part in The Way Back.

And she admitted that she was bowled over by Sex And The City star Kim Cattrall, who jetted in for the awards.

“My friend really wanted to meet her so I said I would go over with her and take a photo of them so we went over and she’s so nice, a really nice woman,” she said.

Saoirse stepped out again this week for the VIP screening of The Usual Suspects at the Jameson Cult Film Club at a warehouse in the Docklands, which was attended by two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey.

She said: “I’m actually really excited to be here because I’ve heard a lot about this venue since they did it up. It’s so cool, I think they should keep it open as a cinema.”