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Actress looking forward to ‘dramatic scenes’ with William Hurt and director Andrew Niccol’s vision for the cave.

We still have a lot of waiting to do for the March 2013 release of Stephenie Meyer’s next potential book-to-screen hit, “The Host,” but thankfully we’ve had a few run-ins with star Saoirse Ronan to help temper our anticipation for the romantic thriller, including one very insightful visit to the film’s set.

Our most recent run-in was at the Toronto International Film Festival, where Ronan was on hand for the premiere and promotion of “Violet and Daisy.” We were able to snag a few minutes of her time to discuss the latest news about “The Host,” particularly whether she’s seen the finished product yet.

“I haven’t. I’m actually going to go and see a cut today,” Ronan revealed, adding that she had to be careful what she said about the film because of a previous slip-up that revealed too much. “Apparently I ruined the ending last time. I don’t know what I said, but they had to cut it, because I gave away the ending.”

When asked which finished scenes or sequences she’s most looking forward to, Ronan admitted she doesn’t enjoy watching herself, but she is excited to see what her co-stars do in the film.

“I’m not mad about watching films that I’m in anyway, because it’s a bit weird, but I am looking forward to the scenes between William Hurt, and I, I love William,” she said of Hurt, who plays her eccentric Uncle Jeb. “The scenes that we had together, I felt — at the time, it felt like there was a lot of heart, and they were real dramatic scenes, so I’m looking forward to those and also to see what [director] Andrew [Niccol] has done with the cave. I’ve seen photos of that, and it looks absolutely beautiful and epic.”