Public Event and Photoshoots
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Saoirse attended The Kari Feinstein Golden Globes Style Lounge and photos have been already added to the gallery. Also, there are two new set of photoshoots. Enjoy!

Gallery Links:
01.14.10 : The Kari Feinstein Golden Globes Style Lounge – Day 1 (MQ)

Gallery Links:
2009 : Session 12

Gallery Links:
2010 : Session 03 (The Toronto Star)

The Hour
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Saoirse and Rose guested The Hour today and you can watch the whole episode here. EDIT – Screen caps have been added to the gallery.

Gallery Link:
01.15.10 : The Hour

Lopez Tonight
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Here’s the video of Saoirse’s appearance from Lopez Tonight. She looks gorgeous.

Gallery Link:
01.14.10 : Lopez Tonight

Production still and additional photos from LA Press Con
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Added one more still from The Lovely Bones and batch of photos from LA Press Conference to the gallery.

Gallery Links:
Production Stills
12.05.09 : “The Lovely Bones” Los Angeles Press Conference (MQ)

Vote for Saoirse
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Saoirse is up for Critics Choice Awards’s best actress and best young actor/actress. Vote for her.

Vote Links:
Best actress
Best young actor/actress

Saoirse Ronan, star of ‘The Lovely Bones’ discusses her work in the film
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Peter Jackson draws young leads to ‘Lovely Bones’
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When it came to signing on for the film adaptation of Alice Sebold’s dark, difficult but ultimately uplifting best-seller The Lovely Bones, both of the movie’s young stars agreed that their decision was based on one man: Peter Jackson.

Calling him a “great guy” first and an “amazing director” second, both Oscar nominated lead actress Saoirse (pronouned Seer-shah) Ronan, who plays murdered teen Susie Salmon, and New Zealand’s Rose McIver, who plays Susie’s younger sister Lindsey, were keen to work with the celebrated director and found him to be one of a kind.

“He’s one of my favourite directors to work with. He’s so different to anyone that I’ve worked with before,” offered Ronan while in Toronto to promote the film. “We don’t do that much rehearsal before we shoot a scene; we just kind of go in and do it. It’s very fresh and he’s very open to ideas, although he has a very strong vision – him and [co-screenwriters and producers] Fran [Walsh] and Philippa [Boyens]– have a very strong vision of what they want, which is great because you feel an awful lot safer, but he’s still open to ideas.”

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Top 100 Most Anticipated Films of 2010: Peter Weir’s The Way Back
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#70. The Way Back

Director/Writer: Peter Weir
Producers: Weir, Joni Levin and Duncan Henderson (Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World)
Distributor: Rights Available.

The Gist: This is a fact-based story of the escape of soldiers from a Siberian gulag in 1940. This is based it on several sources, most notably the Slavomir Rawicz book “The Long Walk: The True Story of a Trek to Freedom” about being account of being captured by the Red Army in 1939 and his journey to freedom with other inmates. The group crossed the Siberian arctic, the Gobi desert and the Himalayas, finally settling in Tibet and India…..(more)

Cast: Mark Strong, Saoirse Ronan, Colin Farrell, Jim Sturgess and Ed Harris.

Why is it on the list?: Remember when Harrison For was trying to make an ice machine in Central America? Humans vs. Nature appears to be Weir’s specialty and there’s nothing better than an escape film in the great outdoors (this is set in Bulgaria, Morocco and India). I’m putting my money on Weir and that this film won’t bite.

Release Date/Status?: I’m assuming a huge premiere at a major film festival as it has yet to find a buyer for the U.S.


Saoirse Ronan imagines there’s a heaven
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“I feel like a ’70s chick now,” quipped 15-year-old Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan, adding she loves the era’s music, a typical teen’s enthusiasm for the newly discovered in her voice.

The young Irish actress (her name is pronounced “Sur-shah,” but friends call her “Sursh”) with the arresting ice-blue eyes, immersed herself in the sounds of the mid-’70s for her role as 14-year-old murder victim Susie Salmon in The Lovely Bones.

The movie opens Friday.

The film, directed by The Lord of the Rings franchise helmer Peter Jackson, is set in 1973 Pennsylvania. It’s based on Alice Sebold’s 2002 bestseller about a girl who watches her family, and the neighbour who killed her, from the afterlife.

“Fleetwood Mac is one of my favourite bands,” Ronan said passionately as she curled up on a Yorkville hotel room couch with her co-star Rose McIver to talk about The Lovely Bones.

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Source Interview
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For all the eye-popping digital fireworks on display throughout Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones, it’s the film’s fifteen-year-old star, Irish native Saoirse Ronan, who lends the Alice Sebold adaptation its real emotional heft. In the role of Susie Salmon, a teenage murder victim who navigates the afterlife while keeping watch over the family she left behind, the remarkably expressive Ronan is the film’s anchor, without which Jackson’s lavish visual feast would amount to little more than empty calories.

In an exclusive interview, Ronan spoke with us about her strong attachment to Susie, her experience on the sometimes turbulent Lovely Bones set, and the kinship she feels with a certain teenage star of another high-profile literary adaptation.

When tasked with a particularly traumatic or emotional scene, some actors will draw upon a similarly painful experience from their own lives to help them get into character. Obviously, you didn’t have that luxury with Susie. How were you able to relate to her?

Saoirse Ronan: Yeah, you’re right. Thank God nothing like that has happened to me yet, so I couldn’t draw on any experience of my own. But one of the most important things — probably the most important thing — about portraying a character is understanding. After a while, I think Susie started to become a part of me, and it was very easy and very natural for me to understand what way she would react to something or deal with something. I never really thought of her as being a dead girl. She was someone whose body had died but not her soul. It was sort of like everything had been taken away from her, and I supposed I was just able to put myself in that position.

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