Moviefone Unscripted
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Finally, Moviefone posted the interview with Saoirse, Rachel Weisz and Susan Sarandon. Click here for the bonus clips.

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12.08.09 : Unscripted
12.08.09 : Unscripted Bonus Clip 01
12.08.09 : Unscripted Bonus Clip 02
12.08.09 : Unscripted Bonus Clip 03
12.08.09 : Unscripted Bonus Clip 04

Collider Video Interview
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Collider posted an interview with Saoirse. She talk about promotional process of the Lovely Bones, Twitter and Facebook, making the film and her next movie, The Way Back.

Gallery Link:
2010 : Collider


Travel Around The World With ‘Lovely Bones’ Star Saoirse Ronan
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MTV posted a video diary of Saoirse traveling for The Lovely Bones which is filmed by her dad. There are three other parts coming up, so, stay tuned.

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Gallery Link:
2010 : Travel Around the World with Saoirse Ronan

Video Link:
2010 : Travel Around the World with Saoirse Ronan (Part 1)

Fancy frocks and hunky leading men aren’t the only perks of being a Hollywood starlet. These lucky ladies also get to travel—a lot! To publicize her latest film “The Lovely Bones,” which goes wide on January 15, 15-year-old Saoirse Ronan has become a bit of a jet-setter, hopping from New York to London to who knows where to premiere her movie and dish with the press. So who does a young Oscar nominee take as her traveling companions? Her family and publicist, of course! Along the way, dear old dad Paul filmed the trip for a video diary, which we have the pleasure of presenting to you! Click play on the clip below to see the first of four parts.

The premiere episode shows Saoirse jumping for joy on the tarmac before boarding a private jet and admiring the goodies waiting for her. She snaps a few pics inside the cabin before jokingly telling her camera-wielding father in her Irish drawl, “The best footage you’re gonna get on this tour is right here,” pointing to own her face. What a comedian!


Nominated for Irish Film And Television Awards
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Saoirse has been nominated for Actress in a Lead Role of Irish Film And Television Awards.

Actress in a Lead Role – Film
Saoirse Ronan – The Lovely Bones (Paramount)


King’s Brunch interview
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Here’s a interview of Saoirse from a Japanese program, King’s Brunch.

Gallery Link:
01.08.10 : King’s Brunch

Saoirse Ronan Defends Director for Removing Rape Scene in ‘Lovely Bones’
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Irish actress Saoirse Ronan has praised moviemaker Peter Jackson for his decision not to show the rape and murder of her character in his adaptation of Alice Sebold’s bestseller “The Lovely Bones”. Jackson and his co-producer wife Fran Walsh have came under fire from fans of the book for failing to depict Ronan’s tragic Susie Salmon falling victim to the horrific act.

Ronan agreed with their decision – and admits she is baffled by anybody wanting to watch the harrowing scene. She says, “To be honest, I really don’t know why anyone would want to see a 14-year-old girl raped in a movie and killed.”

“I feel very strongly about this. That’s certainly not the type of movie that… (we) wanted to make. And Peter Jackson or not, that was not the kind of movie that I would want to be in. Plus, Susie actually runs away from her murder so the story is fueled by that.”

“By her going on this journey to trying to understand what happened to her body. That scene is very, very intense. So I think if we had put something else in, anything else, it would have completely overwhelmed the story.”


Saoirse Ronan: It’s lonely playing a girl gone to heaven
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The Globe and Mail posted a new interview about Saoirse.

Gallery Link:
2010 : Session 02 (The Globe and Mail)

Saoirse Ronan is a special effect all by herself. She’s only 15 years old, and she looks it, dressed in jeans and a shrunken striped cardigan for an interview in Toronto on Thursday. Her limbs are long and skinny, her silky blond hair is a little staticky, and her oval face is pale and fine-boned. Born in New York but raised in Ireland – her first name, pronounced “Sur-shuh,” means “freedom,” and her father is the actor Paul Ronan ( Veronica Guerin ) – she speaks with a musical Irish accent that’s unlike any she has used on screen.

But it’s the look in her sky-blue, almond-shaped eyes that’s the real grabber: intelligence coupled with an old-soul otherworldliness. The combination made her perfect to play both Benji McGarvie, a Victorian-era con girl, in 2007′s Death Defying Acts , and Briony Tallis, a budding writer in Atonement (also 2007), which netted Ronan a best-supporting-actress Oscar nomination at age 13.

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Added a new set photoshoot which Saoirse had done during a promotion tour for The Lovely Bones.

Gallery Link:
2010 : Session 01

Saoirse Ronan and Rose McIver were on MuchOnDemand
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Saoirse Ronan and Rose McIver were on MuchOnDemand yesterday. They talk about working with Peter Jackson and what drew them to their roles and taking on the American accent and tell us which words gave them difficulties. Here are the links of the clips:

Part 1 Part 2

‘Lovely Bones’ star Saoirse Ronan doesn’t mind differences between book, film
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TORONTO – In “The Lovely Bones,” 15-year-old Irish phenom Saoirse Ronan’s character dies early on, then spends much of the rest of the film waiting in limbo before she can ascend to heaven.

Ronan’s career seems destined for the stratosphere without the pause. While the film has thus far received mixed reviews (it scores a 40 per cent “fresh” rating on online review aggregator, Ronan is, once again, the subject of rave notices.

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