Carlow native actress Saoirse Ronan has revealed that she celebrated her eighteenth birthday in the “best way possible” – on set of her new movie The Host.

The hard-working teenager is so dedicated to her work, that she refused to take a day of to mark the momentous occasion.

Speaking to The Star newspaper she said: “I’m working. I am, I’m very happy. We are just on the way into work right now. We are about to start shooting.”

She later posted a twitter comment which read: “U2 rockin’ out on the ipod. Hair and make-up truck decorated with balloons and stars – what a great start to my 18th…Doing what I love!”

The Lovely Bones actress is playing the lead role of Melanie Stryder in the upcoming sci-fi movie, which co-stars Diane Kruger, Max Irons, William Hurt and Jake Abel.

The Host is based on the novel by Twilight author Stephenie Meyer.