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“I’m so boring,” she laughed when I asked her for an update on her “Hobbit” status. “Nothing’s confirmed, but I know that [Jackson and his team have] been working on the script really hard and I think they’re going to introduce a few more characters, so we’ll have to wait and see.”

Saoirse, who previously collaborated with Jackson on “The Lovely Bones,” said that she would love to go back down to New Zealand to work on the fantasy films. “I love New Zealand. It’s amazing — it’s so far away from Ireland, which is where I live, but it’s like a home away from home,” she explained. “I’d love to go back down there. And like you said, everybody is so excited about ‘The Hobbit.’ Everybody can’t wait to see it. There are so many great people involved, especially the cast, so give me a job, please!”

Something tells me that after people start seeing “Hanna” this weekend, Saoirse won’t have to do much begging for jobs. Still, if she does make her way to Middle Earth, she already has her eye on which mythical creature she’d like to play: “You know, I think the elves are quite elegant. I’ve always fancied being with them.”