The seventeen-year-old actress and star of Lovely Bones, Hanna and the new animation Arrietty explains why Quentin Tarantino is like no one else in the film business.

There’s no one out there like Quentin Tarantino. His films have a signature look, and they never just stick to the same kind of story.

In Inglourious Basterds, and really in all of his films, the scenes go on for a long time and you don’t get that on film a lot anymore. You don’t notice the length though because the dialogue has been written so well it feels like a conversation.

I haven’t worked with him but I’d love to. I’ve talked to people who have and they all say he’s mad and that it’s fantastic fun working with him. They worked on Inglourious Basterds for months and months – I can imagine working with Tarantino is like nothing else.

Music is really important in all of his movies and he puts so much time and effort into picking out what music he wants – it can go from ‘Jungle Boogie’ to Chinese music in the same moment. There are so many things that are so strong in his films – the editing, the music, the dialogue, the bizarre acting style. He completely understands what he wants and he knows his characters extremely well. He tends to work with the same actors every now and again, so they can read each other. There’s always such an ensemble feeling in his films too. In Kill Bill for example, of course Uma Thurman is the star but it really feels like it’s a group effort. He’s often in his own films, which I think is great: he’s so different looking he’s got an amazing face.

Pulp Fiction was the first film of his that I saw and it really blew my mind. It’s a long movie, and quite complicated; it jumps back and forth like a lot of his films do and so much happens in it. It feels like you’re watching a comic book on screen. Each of his films are a collection of styles – which I think is great.

Even now he’s a big inspiration to so many people, and he will be in years to come.

Arrietty is out in cinemas from July 29