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Saoirse Ronan has admitted that she and Ryan Gosling have been dying to work together for years.

The pair collaborated on Ryan’s directorial debut Lost River and relished the opportunity to finally work together.

The actors were originally meant to co-star in The Lovely Bones with the Hollywood actor slated to play Saoirse’s father before being axed from the flick.

“We have wanted to work together since we were meant to have starred in The Lovely Bones and I sort of wrote Lost River with her in mind,” Ryan said.

The Grand Budapest Hotel actress also revealed that Ryan was a very supportive director on set.

“I think we were all encouraged by Ryan to find our own meaning for the story an for the characters we played as well,” she said.

“A big part of the prep for us was to incorporate our own sort of personality and character into the role.”

“Then that sort of influenced the relationships we had within the story and determined what path we all took.”

“That could change from day to day so we really had to be on our toes,” she added.

The Carlow native also admitted she developed a close bond with her character’s pet rat Nick during filming.

“I really fell in love with Nick. It got to the stage where we would kiss each other on the lips when nobody was watching or when they were watching, we didn’t really care,” she admitted.


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