Saoirse and Irish actress Emma Bolger was interviewed on The John Murray Show. Here’s the article what they said or you can listen to the full interview at here.

Irish stars Saoirse Ronan and Emma Bolger have been speaking to RTÉ about Sunday night’s Oscar winners and the TV show.

On ‘The John Murray Show’ on RTÉ Radio 1, they were asked how they thought Anne Hathaway and James Franco had fared as first-time hosts.

Bolger, who experienced the Oscars ceremony when she starred in ‘In America’, replied: “I really enjoyed them. I think Anne Hathaway and James Franco did a good job – but maybe not as good as some of the previous presenters. I think it was a good laugh. It was really fun and enjoyable and the dresses, you just have to love them – the glamour, so beautiful.”

Ronan, a Best Supporting Actress nominee for ‘Atonement’ in 2008, added: “I don’t want to critique what they did; they did a great job. They probably did better than we did [would]!”

Bolger said she felt ‘The Social Network’ could have won more Oscars, but was “really happy” for Best Film winner ‘The King’s Speech’, describing Colin Firth’s performance as “incredible”.

Ronan described ‘The King’s Speech’ as “terrific”. “There’s nothing elaborate or Hollywood about it all, and maybe that’s what voters like about it,” she said.

“It’s always nice to see an actor who’s been around such a long time and done such great work and now he’s finally being acknowledged,” she added.

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