“Still, the film is carried on Saoirse Ronan’s performance here and it’s certainly a memorable one. To be able to simultaneously pull off the look of a cold-blooded murderer with the uneasy emotions of a girl about to reach womanhood can’t have been easy, but she nailed it.”
- Alex Riviello, CHUD

“Hanna is powered by all-around genuinely thoughtful filmmaking and one heck of a performance from Saoirse Ronan resulting in a tense, funny, touching and, overall, wildly enjoyable experience.”
“Much of the credit for this character goes to Ronan. She is so clearly wholly committed to this role; it’s a wonder she didn’t lose herself in it completely. Hanna does change quite a bit from beginning to end, but Ronan manages to portray every single transformation in an undeniably powerful manner yet always keeping those changes within the confines of the character.”
“It’s original, enthralling, fun, thrilling and solidifies Saoirse Ronan as one of the best young actresses out there.”
- Perri Nemiroff, Shockya

“A superbly natural actress, Ronan makes every one of Hanna’s improbable ploys seem like things she just cooked up, even when they involve murder and vengeance.”
– Caryn James, indieWire