Here’s a sneak peak of Saoirse’s upcoming film Violet & Daisy. Thanks to SoreEyEz87 for uploading it.

EDIT: Apparently these footage is from the latest showreel of the film’s cinematographer Vanja Cernjul. I’ve replaced the video with the full version. Skip to 0:00-0:13, 1:57-2:00 and 2:16-2:25 for the footage. Warning: the video contains nudity.

EDIT: I was contacted that the footage wasn’t suppose to be released yet. So I’ve take down the video from the post. Hopefully you all understand my decision.

The images and video of “Violet & Daisy” which were taken from Vanja Cernjul’s reel and that have been posted on your website ( should not have been released.
Please remove the images from your website immediately and let me know when they have been taken down.
Thanks for your cooperation.

I-fan Quirk