First TV spot for “Hanna”
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“The Lovely Bones” photos
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I’ve added all the pics of Saoirse from The Lovely Bones to the gallery. Enjoy!

Gallery Link:
Production Photos > 2009 : The Lovely Bones

Track from “Hanna” Score and full track list revealed
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The full track list of Hanna original score which composed by The Chemical Brothers has been revealed.

1.) Hanna’s theme
2.) escape 700
3.) chalice 1
4.) the devil is in the details
5.) map sounds / chalice 2
6.) the forest
7.) quayside synthesis
8.) the sandman
9.) Marissa flashback
10.) bahnhof rumble
11.) the devil is in the beats
12.) car chase (arp worship)
13.) interrogation / lonesome subway / Grimm’s house
14.) Hanna vs Marissa
15.) sun collapse
16.) special ops
17.) escape wavefold
18.) isolated howl
19.) container park
20.) Hanna’s theme (vocal version)

Here’s the first official track from the score, titled “Container Park”. You may recognized the track from the trailers of the film.
Container Park by The Chemical Brothers by Hannamovie


The John Murray Show video
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Thanks to M for pointing out, here’s the video of Saoirse RTE radio interview. Enjoy!

Gallery Link:
Online Segments and Interviews > 03.01.11 : The John Murray Show

Lainey Gossip: Saoirse Ronan challenges Jennifer Lawrence in role of Katniss for The Hunger Games
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Thanks to M for pointing out.

I was the first to report yesterday that Jennifer Lawrence has emerged as the frontrunner for the role of Katniss in the film adaptation of The Hunger Games. Several hours later, just before the end of the business day, Variety posted the same, confirming my initial story that Lawrence has indeed “generated the most interest” even though they listed Hailee Steinfeld and Abigail Breslin as possible contenders too. Look, according to my sources, at this point Steinfeld and Breslin are so far behind in the running, Lawrence has pretty much lapped them, it’s not even a conversation.

What I can tell you however is that although Lawrence put down a great read and they are talking very seriously with her and really love her, I’ve just learned exclusively that they are still tossing around another name: Saoirse Ronan, mostly because no one can stop talking about her performance in the upcoming Hanna – the trailer is SO badass, I wrote about it here a couple months ago. I’ve spent the morning going back to the original sources who told me about Lawrence and they say that she is still favoured, but that it’s about “making sure we’ve exhausted every possibility. Katniss has to be perfect”. I’ve not been able to get any information about whether or not they’ve even met with Ronan yet but I’m hearing that the “interest is definitely there”. When I pressed about what Ronan’s chances are, I was told that “(Saoirse) has to dazzle them, like hit one out of the park if she wants to take out (Jennifer Lawrence)”. I’ll keep you posted.

Source Amy takes to airwaves with Saoirse for special drama
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Thanks to M for the heads up.

SHE has carved out a successful career on television and as an author — and now Amy Huberman is aiming to conquer the airwaves.

Despite her success on the small screen, the IFTA award-winning actress (31) has signed on to perform alongside two of the biggest up and coming actresses in Hollywood for a specially commissioned radio play on RTE 1, the Herald can reveal.

The pint-sized beauty, who shot to fame playing Daisy O’Callaghan on The Clinic, has landed a string of high-profile roles in recent months, including starring in a TV movie penned by novelist Cecelia Ahern.

But she is taking a step back from the limelight to let her acting skills do the talking in her latest career move.

Although she isn’t short of big-name productions, having just worked with Martin Sheen on 1950′s flick Stella Days, she is about to join two of Hollywood’s most promising Irish talents — Saoirse Ronan and Emma Bolger.


Amy is set to tackle the issue of cyber bullying alongside budding stars Ronan and Bolger in the radio play Yardstick, on as part of a special series with the State broadcaster.

The famous women have been in RTE Radio 1 over the past two days recording an anti-bullying drama specially written for broadcast on the radio station.

Yardstick was composed by renowned playwright Joe O’Byrne, and will be broadcast on RTE Radio 1 on Sunday, April 3.

In the play, Saoirse plays the chief protagonist, Laura, who has problems at home and at school.

When she becomes increasingly isolated, Laura’s mobile phone becomes her only friend but then in a cruel twist of fate Laura’s phone becomes a weapon in the hand of others and she sets off down a dark road with little hope for return.


New “Hanna” still
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I’ve added a new still of Saoirse in Hanna into the gallery.

Gallery Link:
2011 : Hanna > Production Stills

The John Murray Show
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Saoirse and Irish actress Emma Bolger was interviewed on The John Murray Show. Here’s the article what they said or you can listen to the full interview at here.

Irish stars Saoirse Ronan and Emma Bolger have been speaking to RTÉ about Sunday night’s Oscar winners and the TV show.

On ‘The John Murray Show’ on RTÉ Radio 1, they were asked how they thought Anne Hathaway and James Franco had fared as first-time hosts.

Bolger, who experienced the Oscars ceremony when she starred in ‘In America’, replied: “I really enjoyed them. I think Anne Hathaway and James Franco did a good job – but maybe not as good as some of the previous presenters. I think it was a good laugh. It was really fun and enjoyable and the dresses, you just have to love them – the glamour, so beautiful.”

Ronan, a Best Supporting Actress nominee for ‘Atonement’ in 2008, added: “I don’t want to critique what they did; they did a great job. They probably did better than we did [would]!”

Bolger said she felt ‘The Social Network’ could have won more Oscars, but was “really happy” for Best Film winner ‘The King’s Speech’, describing Colin Firth’s performance as “incredible”.

Ronan described ‘The King’s Speech’ as “terrific”. “There’s nothing elaborate or Hollywood about it all, and maybe that’s what voters like about it,” she said.

“It’s always nice to see an actor who’s been around such a long time and done such great work and now he’s finally being acknowledged,” she added.

Show ▼


Sneak peak of “Violet & Daisy”
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Here’s a sneak peak of Saoirse’s upcoming film Violet & Daisy. Thanks to SoreEyEz87 for uploading it.

EDIT: Apparently these footage is from the latest showreel of the film’s cinematographer Vanja Cernjul. I’ve replaced the video with the full version. Skip to 0:00-0:13, 1:57-2:00 and 2:16-2:25 for the footage. Warning: the video contains nudity.

EDIT: I was contacted that the footage wasn’t suppose to be released yet. So I’ve take down the video from the post. Hopefully you all understand my decision.

The images and video of “Violet & Daisy” which were taken from Vanja Cernjul’s reel and that have been posted on your website ( should not have been released.
Please remove the images from your website immediately and let me know when they have been taken down.
Thanks for your cooperation.

I-fan Quirk

“Hanna” official website
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Hanna’s official website is now online. The site contains a lot of new footage from the movie so be sure check it out here!

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